How to fix wget command not found?


If you’re a Linux or Mac or Windows user, you may have encountered the error “wget command not found” when trying to use the wget command in the terminal. This error occurs because wget is not installed on your system by default. In this article, we’ll explain how to fix this error on Windows, macOS, … Read more

How to restart Ubuntu from terminal?


If running Ubuntu on servers, then the only way for most developers to interact and manage it is with the terminal. And for shutting it down and also restarting can be done from the terminal. And these days most of the problems and glitches with our systems are usually fixed with a simple restart hence … Read more

How to install nano on Linux?


GNU nano is a simple text editor for Unix based operating systems for use in a command-line interface. It is licensed under the GNU General Public Use License. It is quite easy to install and takes only one command to install nano. How to install nano on Linux? Enter this command to install nano for … Read more

How to get root password in Google Cloud VM?


Google Cloud does not provide its users with the sudo password and some applications do require us to enter the root password to install dependencies. It will just take us to enter a few commands to gain root access and change or update the root password or our Google Cloud VM. How to get the … Read more

How to choose fastest apt mirrors on Ubuntu?


While updating or downloading applications the download speed can sometimes be really bad. So it is important to select the nearest mirrors of ubuntu so you can enjoy the fastest download speeds. Also some cloud providers like Hetzner, Google Cloud add their own mirrors to the sources list and we face problems while installing many … Read more